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  • Milton Horne

Seasons greetings, moon, sun, paths and pianos

On my early-morning walk of the 22nd, the first day after the winter solstice, 2018, the moon was full and waning in the western sky, about to become a part of someone else's experience. What a sight, as you can see. But, walking north on my route I also became aware of the brightening of the eastern sky. The sun was soon to break into sight. My thoughts turned to the usual jumble: ancient mythologies, religions and philosophies, but also of competing forces, realities and reason. Pianos were in there, too, strangely. Seems like such an odd combination of interests, though. I could not resist reflecting on how they fit together.

Winter solstice moon

Thinking that someone on the other side of this planet, who also lives in the southern hemisphere, was seeing the vanishing sun and thinking about the hottest part of the summer at the precise moment I was thinking about the new day and facing the next few months of the coldest part of the winter, may be instructive. Cycles of return, endless return, as well as the continuous uplift and geologic folding over of layers upon layers of time and experience are the operative metaphors, I think. And here I am, again, tuning, repairing, rebuilding and loving pianos back into good musical shape in a wonderful place surrounded by extraordinary people. What a life! I am so grateful.

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